Features to Look For When Purchasing a TV Wall Mount

When buying a wall mount you have to ensure that the size of the mount is the correct one for the size and weight of the flat screen TV. Curved and OLED TVs make choosing the right mount slightly complicated.

Functionality of the wall mount is a major concern. Once you have installed it, you might never bother checking it again. Therefore, it matters that you choose the mount that is suitable for your TV set.

Now comes the question of which features you should look for in a TV mount.  Before anything else, it is important to determine where and how you will mount your flat screen TV. Is the TV going to be at eye level or above eye level? Do you want more control of how the TV is positioned on different occasions? Do you want to reduce glare at different times of the day?

  • A fixed mount or a low-profile mount is the most basic among the types of TV mounts. It is the most suitable for eye-level viewing from a fixed direction.
  • A tilting mount is suitable when you need to mount your TV above eye level as you can vary the angle.
  • A full articulated mount allows you to vary the angle of the TV so that you can position it best for where the viewer is seated. You can pull the TV away from the wall, move it side to side or up and down.
  • The price of the TV mount depends on the brand, the quality, material (metal, aluminium, plastic) and features of the mount. Many are slimmer and lighter in response to the dimensions and weight of the newer models of flat screen TVs.

Features you should look for

Here are some features to look out for:

  • Hardware. Choose a mount that includes a good quality mounting kit. Some manufacturers include low-grade bolts that could break or bend under strain. Some contain only a few bolts. Ensure that the mounting kit comes with hardware that can be used for different kinds of studs and wall materials.
  • Adjustment. Good quality mounts will still allow you to correct the level of the TV set after mounting it.
  • Height adjustment. A good quality wall mount allows you to make precision adjustment of about one inch to move the TV up or down after it is mounted.
  • Locking option. Look for a mount with a locking spot where you can attach a small lock, to prevent theft of the flat screen TV.

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